Nina-Maria Glahé is born and raised in Germany / Germany

2008-2009 Internship at Gauls.Die Fotografen

2009-2012 Apprenticeship as a Photographer at Gauls.Die Fotografen / Germany

2012 photo assistant at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week / Stefan Kraul / Berlin / Germany

2012-2015 portrait photographer in Frankfurt / Germany

2015 photo assistant for Margaretha Olschewski / Hamburg / Germany

2015-2019 Photographer for / Zurich / Switzerland

She learned her craft the old-way - learning the importance of getting the lighting just right, about the inner workings of an analog camera.

Basics sets, daylight and little to no retouching are still the foundation of her work.

The essence of what she is trying to bring across in the majority of her work could be described as clean, impactful and effortless. 

Her work largely centers around fashion photography, though she likes to venture into performance as well as the interior. 



Vitra, Nils Holger Moormann, Baltensweiler, Manufaktur Plus, Röthlisberger, HSLU, Opia, Neumühle, SOL SOL ITO, Weer, Hana Kim, One Time Management, Nina Yuun, Livie Fine Art, Wenger Optics, Livia Rita, Sira Topic, Lara Stoll, Alexander Wenger, Vivienne Oesch...


Financial Times Art+Design, NZZ Stil, Annabelle, Freundin, Textilrevue, INDEX - Nils Holger Moormann, SOFA - Vitra, Tagesanzeiger, Doppelpunkt..